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Student Council 2018-2019

Tuesdays | 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Capt. Kurk
Student Council Elections will begin September 17, 2018.
Please click HERE for election details.


To provide leadership opportunities for interested students of the 6th – 8th grade. Student Council students will exemplify and execute essential core values stated in the “Student Council Handbook.” Student council will work closely with student, staff, parents and administrators to ensure the enthusiasm, promoting and building school spirit, peer mediation and building a positive student-staff relationship.

Objectives and Goals
Student Council will:
• Promote school events and programs
• Develop skills to mediate student interactions
• Improve peer relationships
• Develop excellent communication and public speaking skills
• Assist and lead Junior Coach program
• Voice concerns and ideas from the student body

Requirements for Candidates
• Demonstrate excellent student behavior
• Maintain GOOD academic standings.
• Actively participate in trainings, meetings and events (Once a week)
• Ability to remain current on all assignments and projects during term of service
• Willingness to serve others

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