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Little Medical School Philly brings medicine, science and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way. Our programs aim to inspire children to aspire for careers in healthcare through demonstrations, crafts, and games. Courses include Little Doctor School, Veterinarian School, Public Health School, Dental School, Nursing School, Pharmacy School, Wilderness School, Sports School, and Nutrition School. Classes are currently virtual and led by a trained Little Medical School teacher to ensure individual attention. Each child receives a diploma as a graduate of Little Medical School upon completion of the course.

Virtual and In-Person After-School Course Offerings for Fall 2021:

Little Doctor School

Wk 1: What’s in a Doctor’s Bag? Wk 2: All About the Heart!
Wk 3: All About the Lungs
Wk 4: Digesting Digestion!
Wk 5: Is there a Surgeon?
Wk 6: White Coat & Graduation

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Little Medical School Philly
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