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August 12, 2021

ZAZZ Dance & Drama

Top-notch dance and drama instruction for kids ages 5-12

Whether your kid has an interest in dance & theater, or just lots of energy to burn, we have a fantastic afterschool program to keep their creative juices flowing long after the bell rings. Along with learning dance & drama, kids will develop discipline, confidence, social skills and musicality in this structured, fun-filled program. We offer a wide selection of classes and each day brings something new for them to experience. The ZAZZ afterschool program (formerly Philly Dance Fitness) includes:

  • At least two classes every afternoon (choose dance technique, drama and/or fitness)
  • Supervised homework time, games and activities
  • Pick-up from Greenfield, Monday-Friday
  • An informal, optional end-of-semester performance showcase
  • Additional half and full day camps filled with fun movement and drama activities when schools are closed

Youth programming is held from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. at our Center City studio (1923 Chestnut St). Visit our site [ www. ] to register or get more information.

QUESTIONS? call (215) 645-2717 or email us at

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