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Greenfield Spotlight – Mr. Culmer

Ryan Culmer has been with Greenfield since 2014. He is one of our fantastic Classroom Assistants supporting the needs of our exceptional students including those with disabilities whom may require extensive accommodations.

Getting To Know Mr. Culmer
I am from South Philadelphia and my interests include reading, poetry and jogging.

What inspired you to become part of an elementary school? What keeps you inspired now?
What inspired me most about working in an elementary school was being able to make a difference in a child’s early learning experiences that will last a lifetime! The children I work with and the outstanding academic progression they make each year keeps me motivated!

What’s the most important thing you hope students will learn or take-away from your class?
Knowing how to be inclusive and diverse within the learning environment as well as within their individual communities and homes. I also love to see children collaborate on lessons in a conducive learning environment.

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