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Lower School Curriculum

Explore the tabs below to learn more about our lower school curriculum.

Literacy – Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Our K-3 literacy curriculum is based on best practices that teachers have been trained in through the Children’s Literacy Initiative. CLI is a national organization based in Philadelphia that provides professional development to teachers on four literacy best practices as well as providing coaching for teachers. The literacy block is divided into four parts that are used to create a cohesive literacy experience for students.

Students engage in…

  • Readers Workshop, a reading block where students practice skills taught in mini lessons utilizing books at their reading level.
  • Writers Workshop which allows students to practice writing skills taught in mini lessons to expand their writing. They learn the specific stages of the writing process and work through these stages to publish written work.
  • Intentional Read Alouds are used to demonstrate the skills taught in mini lessons.
  • Message Time Plus is a shared reading and writing activity. Students read a message teachers have created aloud as it is being written.

The Singapore Math Curriculum

Greenfield adopted the Singapore Math curriculum five years ago. After extensive research on available options we decided as a school that this was the best program available to help us create a cohesive and logical math curriculum. The Singapore Math curriculum is based on the national curriculum of Singapore. It helps students in the lower grades to attain a mathematical fluency that allows them to easily transition from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.

4th Grade Literacy

The basis of the 4th grade literacy curriculum is based on novel studies. Students in this grade read a minimum of 4 novels each year as well as engaging in a non-fiction text study. Students, having gained a sound foundation in K-3, are ready to engage in more complex texts and textual analysis. Writing and vocabulary development are also a big part of the 4th grade literacy program.

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