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Through Greenfield’s Home & School Association’s fundraising efforts, Greenfield is able to offer each grade a special enrichment program to enhance our students’ academic and cultural experience.

Each kindergarten class receives a kit designed specifically for teachers and classrooms. It enables each student to raise his or her own Painted Lady Butterfly and witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle, providing educators with many opportunities to teach science, math, reading, environmental studies and environmental awareness.



Ms Kathy YogaAt the beginning of the year, our Kindergarten students will work with Miss Kathy and start slowly with kid-friendly yoga poses. The poses we practice contain names relatable to children; animals, shapes, & things found in nature. With each class we will build upon these poses as we learn more about our bodies & breath. In addition to yoga poses, Mindfulness will be introduced through fun games, activities, & props related to both yoga & mindfulness throughout the year. At the end of each yoga class, children will have a chance to rest and relax for a few minutes, receiving all the benefits of their practice as they reflect quietly, both with and without guidance from myself.

Each 1st grade classroom receives 12 incubated eggs, an incubator and a brooder box from Quiver Farm. Children are amazed to watch the chicks hatch!

2nd grade MacGuffin All three Second Grade classes will work with the MacGuffin Theatre company to produce a short musical comedy over a 12-week session from February to April. Drama teachers will come into the classroom for one 45-minute session a week and teach confidence, public speaking, memorization, empathy, character building and creativity.

Based on the award-winning methodology of the National Dance Institute, Dance eXchange takes Ballet X teaching artists and live musicians into the classroom, where they use dance to build students’ self-confidence and set goals for personal standards of excellence.

The History Hunters Youth Reporter Program is an exciting, literacy-based educational program that takes students to five exceptional historic houses during the school year. Students in the program will become investigative reporters, writing about their experiences with the history, buildings and artifacts of their community.

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