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Box Top Education

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to help earn cash for our school. Each one is worth 10¢ for our school! Just look for the pink Box Tops on hundreds of products. All you have to do is clip them and send them to school.

Last school year, we earned $800 for our school from Box Tops. This school year, our goal is to earn $600. Our December check of $300 got us halfway there. Let’s make our April check a big one by sending in all the Box Tops expiring in pantries and freezers. Only Box Tops turned in by February 24, 2017 will count toward our Spring check and help us meet our yearly goal.

We will take Box Tops any way you have them, but here are some optional tips that’ll make collection and submission easier:
• Collect Box Tops in a small sealable bag attached to your fridge with a magnet or clip • Check that each Box Top shows a valid expiration date and 3 or 4 letter product code • Trim excess packaging from around the Box Tops • Drop off your Box Tops in the box in the school lobby  • Start collecting more Box Tops for our next submission!

Find more ways to earn Box Tops for Greenfield, including Bonus Codes, In-Store Offers, Sweepstakes, and the Bonus App at Every Box Top Counts!

Be sure to sign up as a member on (it’s free!) so you can check out our school’s earnings details and get access to coupons and bonus offers.

Thanks for your help!
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