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Why An Annual Fund?

We are so grateful to be a part of the Greenfield community. Our school is a nationally recognized Blue and Green ribbon public school and benefits from an incredible academic community immersed in the multi-cultural and vibrant city of Philadelphia. Our school thrives thanks to the support of our generous neighborhood partners and families who value the education of all Philly students.

While the School District celebrates our strides, it has not been able to deliver everything needed to make them. Greenfield community members and neighborhood businesses have truly been the ones to make a difference.

A New Goal

The SY23-24 fundraising goal for our operating budget is $190,000. That’s how much it costs to provide the resources we offer at the school to all our teachers, staff and students. To reach our financial goal, a contribution of $260 per student is suggested.

It’s neither required nor expected that families contribute beyond their means. To reach our participation goal, contributions of all amounts are critical. ALL contributions count towards our participation goal.

What does the HSA Annual Fund guarantee our teachers, staff and children?

Teacher Grants and supplies

Allots an allowance per teacher to get the additional supplies and or items needed for classroom improvements (ie. Rugs, cubbies, etc.)

Enrichment programs

  • Kindergarten – Yoga and butterflies
  • 1st grade – Chicks
  • 2nd grade – MacGuffin Theatre
  • 3rd grade – Dance eXchange with BalletX
  • 4th grade – History Hunters and Maritime Education
  • 5th grade – Ballroom Dancing
  • 6th grade – Al-Bustaan Drumming
  • 7th grade – Asian Arts Initiative
  • 8th grade – Philadelphia Film Society, Philadelphia Opera and Educational Speaker Series

Clubs and Sports

Uniforms, equipment, etc.


  • Captain Kurk and Captain Crunch
  • Drama Program (Wizard of Oz Youth (fall) TBD spring)

Community and Hospitality

  • Teacher lunches on ½ day PD days
  • Staff and student recognition and support
  • Greening Greenfield
  • Events
    • Chalk the Walk before the first day of school
    • Dinner on the Green
    • Fall Fest (Halloween)
    • Spring Fair
    • Bingo Night
    • End of Year Food Truck event
    • 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
    • Career Day
    • Book Fair
    • Kindergarten and Middle School open houses & orientations

Administration and Maintenance Costs

Insurance, taxes, audit, security system, copy machine/printer, website

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