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One of the qualities that makes Greenfield so special is its strong sense of community. The collective energy that our parents, teachers and volunteers devote to making sure our students and school thrive is second to none.  The HSA is a parent-led group that works for the common good of Greenfield.  The HSA steps in where district funding falls short and the Annual Fund is the ongoing effort to keep this momentum going!

We hope to raise $100,000 by January 1. Our goal is to have Greenfield families donate $150 per student to improve the education of all our students. We understand each family has its own budget constraints and we ask that families give what they can. For those able and eager to give more, thank you. Whether you contribute $10 or $1000 – your participation is an invaluable investment in your child and our school.

Thank You!

Last year Greenfield’s Home and School Association (HSA) created the Annual Fund – a centralized fundraising effort to cover the yearly budget for all the things HSA adds to the Albert M. Greenfield student experience. YOU made it a success! The Greenfield Community raised over $60,000 for our school.

This year HSA must expand the success of the Annual Fund to keep up with the costs of expanding cultural enrichment programming, teacher grants, after-school programs, facilities improvements and technology. There is MORE we can do.



A large portion of HSA’s budget goes towards cultural and academic enrichment programs for our students. From studying the life cycle of a butterfly to learning ballroom dancing and social etiquette to studying Shakespeare, Greenfield has been able to provide these programs and many more thanks to the generous support of our Greenfield families. The annual fund will support:

  • Academic and Cultural Enrichment
  • Teacher Grants
  • Organized Recess
  • After-School Programming
  • Student Athletics
  • School Facilities

“I love the annual fund! It’s so much easier than all the continuous fundraisers HSA ran when my now eighth grader was in lower school. This one wanted a check, that one cash in odd amounts, another needed to be picked up, order forms were lost, items were wrong–it was a pain for everyone and it was non-stop. The annual fund is a great bargain in comparison.” – Amy D.

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