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Greenfield Spotlight – Mr. Michael Stambaugh

Michael Stambaugh is our new Music teacher!

Getting To Know Mr. Stambaugh
I grew up in Delaware County and moved to Philadelphia 15 years ago for school. I now live in Ardmore with my wife, Elizabeth, and son, Iggy (13 months). My interests include playing with my son, music (of course!), and science-fiction novels. I love music of all kinds (but I have a soft spot for Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion), singing silly songs while playing with Iggy, practicing at the piano, and composing my own music.

What are the big moments you always look forward to during the school year?
I hesitate to be cliche, but the first week of school and graduation. The first week of school is filled with excitement – working with students again who are well rested and ready to go. It is also nice to see everyone again after a long break! On the opposite end of the spectrum, I always look forward to graduation. It is always bittersweet – to see students leave your class forever to enjoy their next stage in life can be sad, but reflecting on our time together and knowing that they are ready to move forward is joyous.
What’s the most important thing you hope students will learn or take-away from your class?
That everyone is a musician and everyone can sing! Singing is a beautiful thing and many musicians are shy about sharing their singing voice. I hope that every Greenfield musician becomes comfortable and confident sharing their voices.

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