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Through Greenfield’s Home & School Association’s fundraising efforts, Greenfield is able to offer each grade a special enrichment program to enhance our students’ academic and cultural experience.


Dancing Classrooms Philly isn’t just about dance – it’s about transforming kids into “ladies and gentlemen” with a set of behavioral skills and social graces that will carry over into all aspects of their lives, giving them the confidence and self-esteem needed to compete in the real world. Students meet twice a week for ten weeks and are eligible to compete in a competition among all of Dancing Classrooms’ area students.

“Al-Bustan,” Arabic for “The Garden,” offers 30 weeks of structured exposure to the language, art, music, dance, literature, and natural environment of the Arab world. Al-Bustan promotes cross-cultural understanding among youth and adults of all ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds through artistic and educational programs.

Asian Arts Initiative is a multi-disciplinary and community-based arts center in Philadelphia that engages and advances racial equity and understanding, activating artists, youth, and their communities through creative practice and dialogue grounded in the diverse Asian American experience. Through a series of lessons and projects, students will learn about different sculpture mediums and techniques, as well as how to use them to explore identity, self-awareness and social-awareness.

Opera is used as a vehicle to teach lessons across the curriculum. In this program, our 8th graders will be introduced to opera through lessons from music and language arts, to social studies, foreign languages, and more. The program culminates with students attending a dress rehearsal at the Academy of Music.



Philadelphia Film Society: Each residency with Greenfield’s 8th grade classrooms will take place over 6 lessons taught over 3 weeks by a Philadelphia Film Society teaching artist. The residency will focus on joyful film experimentation, walking students through the process of making a 1-5 minute film. At the end of the residency, students will have their films shown on the PFC screen.

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