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Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is organized through Klein JCC. Many volunteers reside in or around Center City.  They sign up to help children in public schools.  After an RSVP volunteer is matched with a teacher at Greenfield, who would like to have a volunteer in his/her classroom, a skills sharing meeting is offered to the volunteers here at Greenfield.  The volunteers can work in a teacher’s classroom one or more times per week doing activities such as:

    • Listening to students who need practice reading on their level
    • Practicing and drilling math skills for students in need
    • Helping students one-on-one to edit writing
    • Catching students up on science and social studies assignments that may have been missed or where they need reinforcing
    • Implementing any creative idea a teacher may develop (Last year a group of volunteers painted a beautiful mural in Mr. Bentz’s science classroom.)
    • Teaching Art Goes to School (an art history program that is brought into the classroom and presented by the volunteer, if a teacher wishes to have it.)
    • Helping to monitor the cafeteria and wipe tables during lunch
    • Assisting with the composting project

The teachers and volunteers work hard to communicate with each other to make this program a success.  We are truly grateful for all of the dedication and time the RSVP volunteers put into Greenfield and our students.  For further information, you may contact the Greenfield volunteer coordinator, Amy Arcaro, at

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