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Donations to Ukraine

A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated for Ukraine!

We received SO MANY DONATIONS. It was so wonderful to see the outpouring of support. Greenfield families are the best!!!!

Shoutout to Rafi, a 6th grader parent who saw we needed help getting all the donations over to Saint Basil Academy in Jenkintown, so he filled up his pickup truck with all the donations left in the Greenfield lobby and drove it over to the church. When the nuns mentioned they needed boxes, Rafi left the church and came back with tons of boxes and packing tape from Home Depot! The nuns were overwhelmed with gratitude.

Also another shoutout to Michael, a kindergarten parent who delivered a car full of brand new items he and his wife bought for the donations. Michael was flying out to the west coast later that day, but still took the time to drive all the way to the church in Jenkintown!

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