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First Annual Fall Festival

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Fall Festival…WHAT A NIGHT!

OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE THE BEST!! From those who ran the games (with no breaks!), especially those who graciously kept letting “one more kid” play well past closing time, to those who helped pick-up trash throughout the night, or made sure people were able to find the restrooms OK, or helped make an incredible Middle School lounge, or freaked us all out in the Haunted Hallway, or the amazing volunteer who made so much cotton candy it was stuck to their eyelashes at the end of the night. We saw ALL of you, and more importantly so did our students!

We loved getting to meet all of the newcomers to Greenfield, and seeing all of the amazing costumes (you all took it up a level!), smiles, and even enjoyed almost getting knocked over by kids running around in the dark (yikes!).

It was one heck of a night and we are so grateful for each and every one of you who helped make this first Fall Festival the best! 💛 💚

PSST, don’t forget to tag us on social with any pictures (IGFB)!
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