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Greenfield Spotlight – Teacher Sweet

Jesse Sweet has been with Greenfield since 2019. They are one of our amazing Special Education teachers who supports grades K-4.

Getting To Know Them
I am a Philly transplant. Originally I was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ. I relocated to Philadelphia as an adult in 2012, around the time I began putting myself through my undergraduate program and working for the airlines. My interests include travel, special education, LGBTQ+ awareness and reform, social justice, reading, surfing, delicious food/drink from all over the world, and animal rescue.

What inspired you to become part of an elementary school? What keeps you inspired now?
The drive and inspiration of becoming a Special Education Teacher for the elementary years is two-fold. The first part comes from my love for learning and the second, the need to provide students with that one teacher or educator that they may need to make a huge impact on their life. My own life growing up was not ideal. I believe if my twin brother and I had just one teacher to believe in us, or support us, in the way that I hope to support other students I encounter across my lifespan, I believe my childhood and teenage years would have been significantly different.

What makes you proudest about Greenfield?
Those monumental moments where my students overcome long fought challenges and areas of struggle that they once told themselves “I’ll never be able to…” and transition to…”I got this.”

Want to connect with Teacher Sweet? They can be found in Room 201, and are also available via email


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