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COVID Guidelines for 2021

The COVID guidelines from the Philadelphia School District are included below, if you have questions please reach to Principal Lazar directly at

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • MASKS/FACIAL COVERING – Required for vaccinated and unvaccinated students and staff; will be provided by school if needed. 
  • STUDENT COVID TESTING – Available onsite for students who show COVID-like symptoms during the day 
  • STAFF COVID TESTING – Continued testing of every employee once a week; may adapt during the year 
  • AIR & SURFACE PURIFIERS – Installed in all instructional spaces, gyms, cafeterias and offices 
  • HAND SANITIZING – Touchless hand sanitizer stations and supplies throughout our school building
  • SCHOOL CLEANING & SANITIZING – Before Aug. 31 and throughout the day, every day after schools reopen 
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – While 3 feet of distance will be encouraged where possible, the priority from the CDC and Philadelphia Department of Public Health is the full return of students with multiple layers of safety 

COVID Updates For Non-Classroom Activities

  • EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES & SPORTS – All activities are in person. Spectators limited to outdoor games only
  • ATHLETICS/PERFORMING ARTS – Students who play high risk sports and students in band and choir tested 1 to 2 times a week. Vaccinated athletes/performing arts students may opt out with proof of vaccination

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