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Greenfield Spotlight – Ms. Mowery

Sunnylee Mowery has been with Greenfield since 2016. She is the heartbeat of our art department, “the art room is my happy place” sign can be found at the door to her classroom 💚.

Getting To Know Her
I grew up on a small farm in Central Pennsylvania where my mother, who is also an artist, helped me develop a love of gardening and exploring nature through close observation and botanical drawing. When I moved to Philadelphia to attend Tyler School of Art, I fell in love with the vibrant community and world-class cultural events that the city had to offer. My interests include designing sculptural paintings, community projects, writing and playing songs, and dumpster diving!

What inspired you to become part of an elementary school? What keeps you inspired now?
I honestly believe that the most exciting place in the world is in the middle of an art room where young artists are making creative choices. I think kids can learn a lot from being exposed to the lives and work of artists that represent a wide array of backgrounds. My aim is simple: I want to create a classroom experience that helps students find their inner artist and feel really good about it.

What makes you proudest about Greenfield?
My students are interesting humans! Greenfield kiddos bring a lot of first-hand knowledge, energy, and experience to the discussions we have in the art room and they aren’t afraid to share it! Greenfield artists are open to trying new things and are comfy with thinking outside of the box which allows us to create some really cool work! Something funny or surprising happens every single day in the art room.

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